Space for comfort and videocalling



Comfortable space for homeoffice composed of a 1680 mm sideboard, a 19 mm thick MDP board covered with last generation melamine, in different solid color designs and in wood with a soft-textured surface finish or anti-reflective matte pore finish.

900 mm round coffee table with optional electrification, made of 25 mm thick melamine chipboard.

Round puff of diameter 90cm.

Low two-seater sofa and width 165cm, optional cushions.


#make your environment composition

Sideboard - Piem

1680 mm sideboard, MDP board in 19 mm thick coated with latest generation melamine, in different unicolor designs and in wood with surface finish soft texture soft soft or pore matt anti-reflective finish, the edges are plated with PVC edge of 1
mm thick.

Round coffee table - Piem

900 mm round coffee table, made of 25 mm thick bilaminate agglomerate board.

Rounded Ottoman - Piem

83x83cm rounded Ottoman, Piem collection.

2-seater low sofa - Piem

Low sofa of two seats and width 165cm, Piem series.

Optional sofa cushion - Piem

Piem series sofa cushion.

* Spain “VAT included”, rest of the world “not included”.